Our time in Nepal was incredible! We went to visit our partner organization, Rukmini Foundation, located in Pharping. The stories that we heard of the children in this village was proof enough to know that we had set up our project in a deserving area. The Extend the Day team distributed 300 lights to this area. 


This little girl in the picture to the left is a student at one of Rukmini Foundations schools. She is in 7th grade and she lives with her mother. Their little 10x10ft shake has no electricity, and the stream of smoke coming off the candle flame fills the small house quickly. Hearing her describe what it is like to have to study by candle light is heart breaking, the burning eyes, the coughing and tight breathing. When a light is shone on the walls, you can see where the line of black soot has stained the walls. The excitement in her eyes when she received the light was priceless!