There is a school in the slums, with the most basic necessities only. As we were taken around the slums meeting folks, we were invited into a few of the homes. Even though it was the middle of the day, the insides of the houses were pitch black, except for the small beams of light peeking through the holes in the tin sheet roofs. The need for light here is great!

Our time in Bangladesh was amazing! Tazin Shadid is the founder of Spreeha, an influential and incredibly successful organization that is helping provide health care, immunization, birthing assistance and education in the biggest slum in Dhaka, Bangladesh.  Even though they are in the city they do not have access to electricity or basic living needs, so our solar lights were very useful in meeting the needs of the children there.

As the clinic is set up there full time, Tazin's associates and social workers will be able to keep an eye on the lights and make sure that they are being used appropriately.

We are so thankful for our partnership with such an incredibly successful organization like Spreeha!