We had such a successful time in Myanmar! It was amazing to see a country that has only been open since 2011. The formerly “authoritarian and Soviet-style economic management” system that ran the country has been changed and the new government is making slow but steady moves towards a democratically run country.

Andrew and Jo traveled with Dr. Moe to Kamarnut Village near Bago. Dr. Moe has very successfully established a school for children who cannot afford the uniforms necessary to attend the government schools. We met with the headmaster and teachers there and set up a "Light Library" where children can borrow a lights to read and do homework at night.

We left lights at two village schools in the mountains. The first school was located in Chaung Namhsan.

Miss Tin Tin Hla, the headmistress at the first school, spoke a little English and we were able to get the information across using charades and "Pictionary". She was so thankful to us it just warmed us through to the core! The school was let out for the day, but there were still quite a few children there and we were able to meet and hang out with some of the little ones for a while. It is amazing how these people with very little were able to gather enough to teach the next generation.

We ended up staying out in the villages in people's homes because there were no hotels or guesthouses within a 50-mile radius. The folks were so sweet, hospitable and welcoming. One of the villages we spent the night in was Ka Yar Gyi, where we stayed in the 'headman's' home. The only person in the village who spoke English was the headmaster of the school. His name is Ko San Maung, and he was pleased to give us a tour of the village and school house

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