We are so excited for our partnership with Dandelion Africa. It is an incredible organization spanning across many needs in the Nakuru area.

Dandelion Africa works directly in 15 schools and is very involved with the 'dandelion kids'. Wendo's (founder) passion and love for the children makes our partnership a perfect one to prosper and have a huge impact. We were able to supply 2000 children with solar lights, distributing majority of them ourselves. Hearing what the students go through to try and learn and complete their homework is heartbreaking, and such an easy fix by supplying a solar light!  


We have had a couple of sponsors join us on our field visits to this project. Its an experience where not only do you get to see the direct impact of the donation, but you get to enter into the lives of these young Kenyan children, their struggles, their dreams, their goals.  

The passion and desire to learn is so evident with the children. They know that it is their only option to make it out of the cycle of poverty and to make a difference to their lives and their families. We are only helping to supply a tool to make that passion and ambition more possible and easier.

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