Our mission is to reach as many children who live without electricity as possible, to extend their day

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     Executive director Jo Lonseth explains the mission of Extend the Day

We work with locally run and operated non-profits in the areas of need. This allows us to be culturally sensitive and have the ability to monitor the lights.

This simple solar light will help children in disadvantaged countries to improve their future through education!

Stories from the field

Meet Tavin. He was 14 years old when I first met him in 2015 at his school, Siror Boys School, which is located about 10 miles out of Ugunja, Kenya. This school was in the pilot project of our partnership with Tembea. The lights were our first generation light, which were having some difficulties (all have now been replaced). When I went to visit this school, the school master could not stop raving about this young boy. When I met him, he said that he had figured out how to take the lights apart and fix them! He said with the biggest grin on his face, "I have now found my passion, I want to become an electrical engineer!". We got to return to this school beginning of 2017, Tavin has now moved on to high school on his way to become an electrical engineer, which is a huge achievement. It is these sort of ripple affect that the team at Extend the Day could never foresee, but are so encouraging!

"78%  of the kids who received the lights have a higher academic improvement"

Zeph Migeni - Tembea - Kenya

We are so excited to announce our new corporate sponsor APsystems.

APsystems will donate $1 for every microinverter purchased to the nonprofit to cover all administrative expenses for its Lights for Learning program in 2017.

“APsystems is proud to partner with Extend the Day to bring light to these children’s lives.” said Dr. Zhi-min Ling, APsystems Global President & CEO. “We firmly believe in what Extend the Day is doing around the world and are committed to helping them continue to achieve measurable results with their Lights for Learning program."

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School house in Myanmar

Orphanage in Bangledesh

Orphanage in Bangledesh


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