Rohingya Refugee Camps

We were so privileged to have the opportunity to visit the Rohingya Refugee camps in southern Bangladesh. The need and dark desperation in this newly formed 600,000 people camps, were so powerful, that we have agreed to incorporate this into our focus. Over 60% of the camp populations are children. For the month of Dec 2017, we will be raising funds to provide 10,000 lights to the camps. We have a partner organization working within the camps who will be responsible for distributing the lights and monitoring. Help Extend the Day to reach 10,000 of the most needy people here. Thank you from the bottom of their little hearts and ours! 

Emergency lights sent to Nepal

We have stepped out of our original mission to help those in dire need. As all of you know by now, Nepal has had such a terribly devastating earthquake. With the majority of Nepalese now without home, food, or supplies, there has been such an incredible outreach. We feel so privileged to be in partnership with Crooked Trails to get a large supply of lights to Nepal.  Our hearts and thoughts go out to all who have been affected by this horrible disaster, and we hope that our lights will be able to provide some help.

Our deck fundraiser was such a success!

Our fundraising deck party was an absolute success!! We had so many supportive and generous folks to help us kick off our first fundraising party. Want to thank so many! Special thanks to St Paul De Vence and March to May for serenading us into the evening! Thanks to Island Vintners for supplying us with delicious island wine. A huge thanks to all who came and donated to our latest and biggest project yet with Zeph and Tembea Youth Center for Sustainable Development.  We can not thank Tom Morgan and Laurie Rosenberg enough for providing the beautiful location and for matching our donations!