Around 79% of people in developing nations depend on kerosene or other burning light


The Problem


Living with a kerosene lamp:

is like smoking 40 cigarettes a day

1.8 million people die every year from complications arising from indoor air contamination by kerosene. Kerosene fires are common, killing more than 1 million people yearly.

The smoke and carbon dioxide coming from the world’s fuel lanterns is equivalent to the exhaust from 30 million cars.

Fuel is expensive - about $40 billion per year is spent on lighting fuel by the world’s poorest people (who spend up to 30 percent of their monthly income on kerosene oil).



how we help


"This project has had tremendous positive results and its impacts are very visible"

Tembea - Kenya

Extend the Day provides inexpensive solar powered reading lights, at no cost, to school children who live without electricity. We use adventure travelers and existing NGO’s as our distribution partners.

A number of organizations are effectively marketing solar powered lights in developing countries. We applaud them. But we need to reach the more vulnerable – those that cannot pay and those that cannot yet influence decisions.

We have seen such incredible success with the result of our light. Please help us get more clean safe lights in the hands of these children!

They are our future, they are our children!