Our mission is to reach as many children who live without electricity as possible, to extend their day!

We are having an evening full of wine, delicious food, music, but most importantly, sharing about the successful work Extend the Day has had the last two years!

Come join us on Sep 9th at 7pm and the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art!

Please RSVP for the event at


"78%  of the kids who received the lights have high academic improvements as noted by the teachers"

Zeph - Kenya

Extend the Day is currently distributing a compact and inexpensive solar powered reading light, without charge, to as many children who live without electricity as possible.This simple solar light will help children in disadvantaged countries to improve their future through education!

"The project has tremendous positive results and its impacts are very visible"

Tembea - Kenya

So excited to share the article about Extend the Day from the Bainbridge Island Magazine. We are so privaledged to be included in such a lovely write up by Vicki Wilson. Thank you so much for the support and coverage of our foundation and our mission!

To read it in the online version of the magazine check it out online  

1.6 billion people worldwide live without electricity.

What 1pm looks like inside a house in Bago, Myanmar 

Jo, a co-founder explaining our mission

Extend the Day is a 501.c.3 organization registered with the IRS, making your donation entirely tax deductible. 
EIN   45-2972889

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